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We provide a full report on all email accounts, enabling you to protect your data in the future.

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Checking your score gives you an idea of how many times you've been breached and by who.

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Get a full breakdown of every e-mail, understanding how severe your breach is.

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Using our service, you'll get access to better protection, bringing down your breach level.

The average e-mail has 8 breaches. What's yours?

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Put simply...

Look at your personal information as the contents of your home, and your passwords as the equivalent of your locks, burglar alarm and CCTV. Then imagine that a data breach is a disgruntled decorator who still has your house key and alarm code. You would change your locks very soon and protect your family and contents. So first, you need to find out how many people have the keys to your home. By putting all of your email addresses (past and present) through our audit, you can find this out.

Start by finding out if your email has been hacked, stolen or otherwise compromised. What data was stolen in this breach? You will see this when you click on the “more details” function. It will tell you which company was responsible for the breach and when the breach ' occured. More importantly though, you will find out what information was stolen.

Was it a favourite username?

A connected social media account?

Your geographical location, home address or work address?

Remember that less severe breaches can be used to facilitate data mining, future pwnage and severe breaches, so even if you feel that the breaches that have affected you are not serious, it is still good practice to protect yourself.

If the nature of the data is extremely severe…

A favourite password?

A phone number that you’ve had for years?

Your ID or bank details

Then the same advice is vital. Act now. Use our toolbox and follow our maintenance advice to prevent your keys ending up in the wrong hands.

Protect your data from future data breaches! We provide a full report on all email accounts, enabling you to protect your data in the future.we allows you to search across multiple data breaches to see if your email address has been compromised.
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